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Efficient And Quick Way To Deal MS-Word Problem

MS Word is one of the most popular MS Office applications. Word is used to create most documents and files. It is possible that you have encountered an error when opening an MS Word Document. What causes Word to not open? How to fix MS Word not opening. This article will help you to resolve your problem.

Microsoft Word is the most popular Microsoft Office application. microsoft word not opening mac Word is used for many purposes, including documenting projects, taking notes, creating agendas, and making schedules.

It is so simple to use that you may not expect it to contain malware or errors. You might encounter an error that causes Microsoft Word to not open in Windows 10 or any other version. These are the best ways to fix Microsoft Word files.

Why is Microsoft Word not opening in Windows?

Because it is such an important tool, people are prone to making mistakes and logical errors which can lead to such type of masked errors.

  • Windows 10 Incompatible MS Word Edition
  • A version of MS Word that is out of date
  • Add-ins to MS Word that may be suspicious
  • Abrupt Shutdown your system or Microsoft Word Window

How to Fix MS Word Not Opening Error

There are many solutions if your Word document isn’t opening. We have listed the main workarounds in black-and-white and hope these resolutions work for you.

Method 1: Repair Microsoft Word Files Using Task Manager

This is a quick way to troubleshoot a Microsoft Word problem in Windows 10.

  • You can open Task Manager using the combination (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), or click on your Taskbar to select Task Manager.
  • Check the “Details” tab to see if WINWORD.exe has been opened. If it is, Windows OS will assume that the app is operating efficiently and not display any error messages.
  • Right-click the running service, e.g. Start MS Word by clicking on WINWORD.exe.

This works well for minor issues, but it cannot fix major MS Word problems.

Method 2: Open Your Inaccessible Microsoft Word In Safe Mode

You might occasionally install untrusted add-ins in your MS Word. Or your system might have experienced a power surge.

Safe mode allows you to access these files. You can open your Microsoft Word files in safe mode using the “Ctrl” button. Then, double-click on the application.

This works only in the event of an abrupt shutdown or interruption to Microsoft Word.

Method 3: Repair Microsoft Word File using Repair Option

Microsoft Office has an integrated tool that will help you correct any errors in your MS Word application. Follow these steps to learn how to do it.

  • Click the Windows button and type Add or Remove programs
  • Select Advanced options and search for the program named “Find For Office”
  • If your app isn’t working properly, click Repair.

If the level of corruption is minimal, these methods can be used to fix Microsoft Word not opening errors. What happens if files are extremely corrupted? How can you fix MS Word not opening error?

SFWare is easy to use, even if you’re not tech-savvy or a beginner user.

Fix Microsoft Word Not Opening in Windows Error By Using SF Ware?

Install, launch and download SF Ware Word Document Repair tool.

  1. Click Browse to select an inaccessible Word file
  2. Click on Repair to start repairing Microsoft Word files
  3. After the repair is completed, Microsoft Word can be opened in Windows 10.
  4. To assess the quality of the Word file that was lost, click on the b button


It is so easy to use that you will not face any difficulties in repairing your word file. If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to contact us at the “24/7 Contact Us”, SFWare support center located at the bottom of this page.


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